2015 Community Assessment

Assessment CaptureThis report describes the results of the risk- and protective-factor assessment completed as part of Baraga County’s Communities That Care effort. The Communities That Care system is a way for members of a community to work together to prevent youth problem behaviors, including substance use, delinquency, teen pregnancy, school dropouts, violence, and teen suicide. This system was developed by Dr. David Hawkins and Dr. Richard Catalano from the Social Development Research Group in Seattle, Washington. It is based on their research, which has identified risk factors that predict youth problem behaviors and protective factors that buffer children from risk and help them succeed in life.

A key goal of the Communities That Care effort is to identify which risk factors, protective factors and problem behaviors are prevalent in our community, and implement evidenced based programs that address our community’s unique profile. To that end, the Risk- and Protective-Factor Assessment work group collected and analyzed data on Baraga County. Then, with input from the community, they identified priority risk factors to address, as well as community strengths to build on.

The assessment was completed using the Communities That Care Youth Survey and archival data. The Communities That Care Youth Survey was administered to students in grades 6, 8, 10 and 12 in L’Anse and Baraga Schools in the fall of 2014. To get the most complete picture of our community, the Risk- and Protective Factor work group also collected archival data from public records to measure risk factors and problem behaviors not covered by the survey…Download the Full Assessment.